Pilsner - Plus Tire Adventure Bike

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Creating the greatest backcountry adventure bike is all about details and how they play together. Pilsner is the bike you can rely on for your next bikepacking adventure as well as for local trail riding and everyday commuting. Light and durable titanium frame neither rusts nor accumulates fatigue, it will please you for many-many years and kilometers.

  • Plush and sturdy Manitou Mattoc Pro fork and optional suspension seatpost will give you more confidence on trails and make that rocky section an enjoyable experience. Rigid titanium fork is available for all you purists.
  • Fully-sealed Pinion gearbox and maintenance-free Gates belt drive will keep your trousers and your fingers clean.
  • Fully-customized geometry and ergonomic leather cockpit will take a lot of pain out of your journey.
  • Electric assist with battery up to 1800Wh can be added to power your adventure

Available in 29+ and 27.5+ platforms this adventure machine will be a friend you can rely on whenever you decide to go.