Electro Pilsner - Ultimate Adventure Ebike

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If you have more than one bike, you probably know how difficult is to choose one. If a very bad person puts a gun to my head and tells me that I have to choose one bike to ride for the rest of my life, it would most likely be an Electric Pilsner. I took the finest ingredients including custom titanium frame, premium components and high performance electric system and brewed the most versatile electric bike.

With BearCraft electric bikes you get as much exercise as you like. Electric assist has 3 modes: throttle only (like a motorbike); torque-sensing pedal assist (like riding a bike with superhuman legs), or pure pedal power (motor completely disconnects and it feels like riding a good pedal bike).

What You Should Know:

  • Light and durable titanium frame neither rusts nor accumulates fatigue, it will please you with comfortable terrain-smoothing ride feel for many years and kilometres.
  • Plush and sturdy Manitou Suspension fork and Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost feels like a full-suspension bike without the complexity of a full-suspension.
  • 500w (1000w max) geared motor will get you to the top!
  • 45kph/28mph top speed (can be limited according to your laws and lawfulness).
  • 840Wh battery and torque-sensing pedal-assist provides over 100km/60miles of real world range @ 32kph.
  • Magura MT5/MT4 brakes for trainstopping power and precise modulation.
  • FSA Metropolis handlebar and Brooks leather saddle will take pressure off your joints and sensitive areas.
Our Quality Promise

We went through dozens of manufacturers all over the world to find the highest quality components for our bikes. When other brands try to cut costs on fundamental parts like frames or batteries, we use only the highest quality materials and parts. Our frames are made of titanium. Ti frames have legendary durability, comfort and corrosion resistance; they do not accumulate fatigue and will last a lifetime. 

Our batteries have the highest capacity on the market and are made with only premium Grade A LG cells (S. Korea) and BMS boards by Seico (Japan) which provides extended range, reliability and durability for extensive use.

If you have any questions email orders@bearcraftbikes.com