Meet the builder

Meet Roman, an independent bike builder from Victoria, BC, the bike capital of North America. Roman builds adventure bikes and electric bikes since 2009.

I love bikes for the freedom they give. When on a bike, I feel the true spirit of adventure. You might not know about the most scenic places around unless you ride a bike! I love to change my route every time to explore new trails and places. Most of my favourite hidden gems on the Vancouver Island were first discovered in the bike saddle. Adding electric assist just made trailblazing easier, helping me cover larger distances faster and with desired amount of exercise.

The bikes I build are the bikes I enjoy to ride. While experimenting with drivetrains and various frame materials I have come up with some crazy combinations of components that appear to play well together well for touring/bikepacking. The bikes are made for any challenge, from daily commuting to remote expeditions. I will never compromise on quality and reliability and thus I choose the ultimate frame material for all my builds - Titanium. Ti bikes last forever, they don't rust, don't accumulate fatigue, don't make cracking sounds when pedalling hard and are famous for their comfortable “magic carpet” ride. BearCraft Bikes are specked with time-proven hi-end components from well-known American and European brands including Pinion, Manitou, Magura, Schwalbe, Brooks, Cane Creek etc. My priorities are: safety, reliability, serviceability, performance and aesthetics.

Come check out my Instagram to see more of BearCraft Bikes. If you have any questions or when you are ready do discuss your next bike you can reach me by phone at +1 778 557 7725 or email 

I am always happy to chat about bikes!