About us

We are team based in Victoria, British Columbia. Our goal is to make the best individually tailored Touring and Electric bikes.  

As bike tourists that decided to try electric, we have yet to find an 'off the shelf' bike model that suits our needs.

Most ebikes made by bicycle companies have tiny batteries that are only enough to make a few uphills in a local bike park and return to the parking lot.

Ebikes that are born by ebike specific companies are usually extremely compromised on the bicycle side. With poor components, weird geometries and limited size options they aren't ready for a serious adventure.    

That's why BearCraft Bikes exists. We believe in perfect balance of bicycle and electric parts in an ebike. Having custom designed bike is more than just having a perfectly tailored suit, It is going to be your friend and partner in any adventure you can dream of. We think that quality bikes should be made to fit to you instead of you having to fit them.