BearCraft Stout - Expedition Grade Electric Fatbike

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Zombie apocalypse, rise of the machines, an alien invasion - it does not matter: you want to stay mobile, autonomous and silent. While this beautiful world exists, you can practice your survival skills somewhere in the woods. With this bike you don’t need a road, only direction! Just make sure you don’t run over bears, trees and hikers... but especially bears.

Featuring a powerful geared motor combined with 4” low pressure tires allows you to glide over sandy beaches or snowy fields at significant speed or just float over rough terrain as one would on a cruise ship. Comfortable geometry, enormous battery* and titanium carrier options make Stout a perfect choice for 200km+ weekend rides and remote expeditions.

What You Should Know

  • Heavy Duty Titanium Frame - no rust, no fatigue, small bump dampening. 
  • 26” x 4.0” Schwalbe Jumbo Jim Addix Tires - a ton of traction and flotation with lowest in class rolling resistance. 
  • 500w (1000w max) geared electric motor - 80Nm torque to tow all your gear up the hills. 
  • Largest battery on the market 1848Wh (48v 38.5A) - range way over 100km. 
  • 3 modes: throttle only (like a motorbike); pedal assist (like riding a bike with superhuman legs), or pure pedal power (motor completely disconnects and it feels like riding a good pedal bike).
  • Manitou Mastodon fork - the best suspension for fat bikes.
  • Manitou Jack Dropper Post for max fun offroad
  • Shimano XT Drivetrain
  • Shimano ZEE 4-piston brakes
  • Titanium rear rack holds up to 40 kg.
  • 45kph/28mph top speed (may be limited according to your laws and lawfulness).

Our Quality Promise

We went through dozens of manufacturers all over the world to find the highest quality components for our bikes. When other brands try to cut costs on fundamental parts like frames or batteries, we use only the highest quality materials and parts. Our frames are made of titanium. Ti frames have legendary durability, comfort and corrosion resistance; they do not accumulate fatigue and will last a lifetime. 

Our batteries have the highest capacity on the market and are made with only premium Grade A cells (S. Korea) and BMS boards by Seico (Japan) which provides extended range, reliability and durability for extensive use.

This is a demo bike with some signs of use. Geometry is optimized for riding trails and riding with load. Please contact for details. The size is perfect for someone around 6'2"

If you have any questions email